A couple of years ago I came up with the idea of developing my eleven Bethany Mellmoth stories (all included in my short story collection of that name, published in 2017) as a returning TV series.

To this end I partnered up with Endor Productions, who had made the mini-series drama of my novel RESTLESS that was broadcast on BBC 1 in 2012. Together we made a pilot film as a kind of introduction to how we saw the eventual series – so we could establish its tone, its ambition, its potential.

The pilot starred the then little-known LUCY BOYNTON as the heroine, Bethany Mellmoth. Lucy’s career and profile has since swiftly sky-rocketed. Another actor in the pilot – also on the same sky-rocket as Lucy – was JACK LOWDEN.

For various strategic and commercial reasons we decided that the best way to flag up our objectives for the potential series was to release it on-line. Hence its now exclusive presentation on my website.

Since my Bethany Mellmoth story collection appeared I have written and published another four Bethany stories. I find I keep wanting to write about Bethany and her fascinating but complicated life. Clearly Bethany can run and run. This pilot will give you a very good flavour of what we hope to achieve.