SPY City is an original TV-series written by William Boyd. Consisting of six one-hour episodes, it is a Cold War spy thriller set in Berlin in 1961 — in the summer months before the Berlin wall went up on Sunday, August 13th. Before the wall Berlin was an open city, divided into four zones controlled by four armies: American, British, French and Russian. Four armies and four sets of spies. A young British agent, Fielding Scott, is sent to Berlin to organise the clandestine exfiltration of an East German scientist. Everything goes hideously wrong. Fielding Scott now has to set things right.

Produced by H&V productions (Munich) financed by ZDF and Miramax, Spy City began shooting on August 27th. It will be released globally in 2020.


Dominic Cooper

Leonie Benesch

Johanna Wokalek

Romane Portail

Brian Caspe

Adrian Lukis

Rupert Vansittart