Adapted by William Boyd from his highly acclaimed best-selling novel.

“Loss adjusters are noble men who frustrate and negate the bland promises of insurance. We act out of the great unbending principles in life: nothing is sure, nothing is certain, nothing is free, nothing is forever. It is a noble calling.”

One winter’s morning, loss adjuster Lorimer Black – handsome, intelligent, insomniac – keeps a routine business appointment, only to discover that his client has hanged himself. It’s a bad start to the day by any standards and the beginning of a sinister chain of events that turns Lorimer’s world upside down and inside out in ways he could never have foreseen.

Starring James Frain, Catherine McCormack, Stephen Rea, James Fox, Hugh Bonneville and Neil Pearson.

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Very British and very adult… James Frain heads a top-notch ensemble through the passageways of the mind, through layer after layer of love and loneliness. Based on his book, screenwriter William Boyd has down cold the tiers of a man, from the things he does to seek professional pats on the back to the lengths he will travel in order to kiss the woman of his dreams.

A very moody production…

Michael Speier, Variety