Tune In Tomorrow

When radio reporter Martin falls for his sexy aunt Julia, the station’s zany soap opera writer Pedro decides to use them as inspiration for his show – and broadcast the details! Courtship soon turns to chaos with Martin’s love life in shambles, Julia in disgrace and irate listeners rioting in the streets. Everyone will have to tune in tomorrow to discover how it all turns out!

Starring Keanu Reeves, Peter Falk, Barbara Hershey & Patricia Clarkson

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‘Intelligent, surprising [and] funny’    The Village Voice

‘… funny, original’    Leonard Maltin

‘… thoroughly entertaining’    Gene Siskel

Author's Notes

William Boyd on Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter

Another adaptation — this time of Mario Vargas Llosa’s great semi-autobiographical novel. Mysteriously (and stupidly) the film was re-titled in the USA as Tune in Tomorrow. The story of a young man who falls in love with his sexy, but older, aunt, it features the young Keanu Reeves and the inimitable Peter Falk as the “scriptwriter” of the title. Barbara Hershey is Aunt Julia.