Man To Man

Nominated for the Golden Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival 2005

1870. Dr. Jamie Dodd has finally succeeded in capturing not one, but two pygmies. He brings them to Scotland with the help of Elena Van den Ende, an adventurous woman who sells wild animals to the zoos of Europe. With his two anthropologist friends, they are certain they have discovered the missing link, which will make them famous. They start examining the pygmy couple from every angle and Jamie gradually discovers that Toko and Likola are just as sensitive and intelligent as any other homo sapiens. His two colleagues strongly reject this idea, seduced by the glory of their discovery. Will Jamie be able to prove they are genuine human beings and not freaks to be shown in a zoo?

Starring Joseph Fiennes, Kristin Scott Thomas, Hugh Bonneville and Iain Glen

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William Boyd on Man To Man

This was an English language film made by French producers with a great French director, Regis Wargnier (“Indochine”).  Set in the 1870s, it is the story of three British anthropologists who try to make their name by discovering the so-called “missing link”. To this end they kidnap a pygmy couple in central Africa and bring them back to Britain to be displayed to the world. Starring Kristen Scott Thomas and Joseph Feinnes, it opened the Berlin Film Festival in 2005.