Good and Bad at Games

Set both in 1973 and in London in the early 1980s, the focus is Cox, a bitter outsider bullied for his lack of sporting skill at school and now a left wing investigative journalist. Catching up with his former tormentors, army officer Mount and salesman Niles, Cox is determined to avenge the unhappiness he suffered as a kid. His chance comes, appropriately, at an old boy’s cricket match.

Starring Anton Lesser, Martyn Stanbridge & Rupert Graves

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Author's Notes

William Boyd on Good and Bad at Games

The first of two films I wrote about boarding school life. This is a tale of revenge: a viciously bullied, persecuted boy at school cracks up ten years later and decides to take his revenge on his tormentors. We cross-cut from the characters’ schooldays to their lives as young adults. The dark side of boarding school life but, I would claim, an unflinchingly accurate portrayal of the reality of those strange institutions. Commissioned by the (then) new channel, Channel 4, the film has had many repeats but there is no DVD. We’re working on it. The screenplay is published in School Ties.